T-O-N-Y! You ain’t got no alibi. YOU TORY!


It’s difficult to know anything certain about modern politics. As Adam Curtis points out in his “Oh-Dearism” documentary, there is an emerging “strategy of power that keeps any opposition constantly confused, a ceaseless shapeshifting that is unstoppable because it’s indefinable”. It’s diaphanous, a dark attic full of spider webs, and the intention of the political elite is to make sure you don’t understand.

Every now and again, though, a little light breaks through the murk, and lets us see what the machinating cluster of arachnids are up to.

It seems rather telling that the mainstream establishment is getting all shrill and scurrilous about Jeremy Corbyn. After the poll that said Corbyn would win the Labour leadership 6 points ahead of Andy Burnham, centrists, Blairites and Blairs fell over each other to slander the man himself, as unelectable, and then to scoff at his supporters. St. Tony of Baghdad, lobbyist to…

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An Open letter to David Cameron, Iain Duncan Smith, Justin Tomlinson and the Conservative Party of Great Britain

Online Militant Disabled Movement

Dear Mr Cameron et al,


I am writing to you about the merciless war you and your Government appear to be waging against disabled people in this country.
What are you trying to do to us? Before the election in May there were numerous reports in the press that you were planning on restricting the amount of money disabled people can claim under the Access to Work Scheme prior to axing it copletely. Yesterday saw the end of the Independent Living Fund. This morning we awoke to the news that you are proposing to reduce Employment Support Allowance by getting rid of the Work Related Activity Group and cut the amount of money disabled people receive.
Do you understand what this money you are trying to ‘save’ is used for? I’m not sure that you do. Let me explain:
Access to Work (AtW) is money is granted to disabled…

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